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Can you drive golf carts on the beach? 

Yes! The required beach permit is included in your rental rate.

Can you drive golf carts on the road? 

Golf carts may be driven on roads with a speed limit less than 35 MPH. Please note that Cape San Blas Road (30E) and the bike path running alongside Cape San Blas Road are not golf cart friendly.

How do I access the beach with my golf cart? 

There are several public beach access sites for golf carts on Cape San Blas. Your house rental may or may not have access to these sites based on the location and road regulations mentioned above. If you have questions about beach access sites please ask us or your rental agency for more information. 

Can you drive golf carts at night? 

Golf carts may be operated between sunrise and sunset. 

How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart? ​

We require our rental drivers to be at least 18 years old. We also ask for proof of a valid driver's license and car insurance.

Are your golf carts gas-powered?  

Yes, all of our golf carts are gas powered and use non-ethanol fuel. The first full tank of gas is included in your rental rate (one tank lasts approximately 200 miles). If you require more fuel during your vacation, we can provide it at an additional cost or drop off a gas can at our earliest convenience. 


Please click the link below to read more about Gulf County's Golf Cart Rules from the Gulf County Sheriff's Department. We appreciate your understanding of our local rules/regulations to help keep our community and roads safe.

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